Match 4 – Monkhall 20/05/2017

18 Fished

Our recent doubles match took place at Monkhall fisheries with 9 anglers fishing each pool.  The fishing was good on both pools and the individual results were combined to produce the doubles winners, Guy Jones who won his match on the Owl and Dan Podmore who finished 5th on the Lark.


 Individual Results

Lark Pool

1= Mel Boulds Peg 12 37-08
1= Rob McKee Peg 10 37-08
3 Allan Lees Peg 17 31-00

 Owl Pool

1 Guy Jones Peg 16 53-08
2 Kev Lees Peg 3 52-10
3 Simon Garbett Peg 8 32-14

Doubles Result

1 Guy Jones & Dan Podmore 77-08
2 Kev Lees & Terry Eardley 76-02
3 Rob McKee & Simon Harris 67-06

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