Split Shot Conversion Chart

Here’s a guide to the weights of each non-toxic and lead split shot available to buy in the UK. It’s ideal for helping you to shot your pole and float rigs perfectly to suit the conditions, depths and the presentation you desire…

Split Shot Conversion Chart
Split shot size Weight Shot equivalent
3SSG 4.80g  6 x AAA
2SSG 3.20g 4 x AAA
LG 3.00g
LSG 2.00g
SSG 1.60g 2 x AAA
AAA 0.80g 2 x BB
AB 0.60g 2 x No1
BB 0.40g 2 x No4
No1 0.3g 3 x No6
No3 0.25g 2 x No6
No4 0.20g 3 x No9
No5 0.15g 2 x No8
No6 0.10g 2 x No10
No8 0.06g 2 x No11
No9 0.05g
No10 0.04g 2 x No12
No11 0.03g
No12 0.02g 2 x No13
No13 0.01g
Pole Float Conversion Chart
Pole Float size Weight Shot equivalent
3×10 0.10g 2 x No10
4×10 0.15g 3 x No9
4×12 0.20g 5 x No10
4×14 0.40g 6 x No8
4×16 0.50g 8 x No8
4×18 0.75g 3 x No3
4×20 1.00g 4 x No3
5×20 1.25g 5 x No3
6×20 1.50g 6 x No3

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