In the Spotlight, Barry Podmore


Baz nets another!

This time the Spotlight falls on probably our most travelled angler, soon to arrive back from the Far East just in time for the start of the season. 我不得不翻譯他的答案,所以我們可以理解他,他已經離開這個國家這麼久了。我會有#71雞蛋炒飯和白菜當然隊友!

PP. Can you recall the first fish that you caught?
BP. Yes, fishing with my grandad in 1975 in a small pond in the middle of a field, I caught a 6oz perch on worm, using a split cane rod and a homemade peacock quill

PP. What was your favourite ever match, and why?
BP. Daventry Reservoir fishing off the boards on the “boats” side, bagging waggler @ 80m to catch 166 lbs of angry carp

PP. Which was your favourite match last season?
BP. Last match at Aston Eyre, not the best match, or the warmest, but from my peg I could see my son Dan catching well and then I knew he would come 2nd in the league for 2017, making me a very proud dad.

PP. What was the biggest fish that you’ve caught, and what method did you use?
BP. 16.5 lbs mirror carp using corn under my feet at Bolingey peg 20.

PP. What was the best peg that you’ve ever fished?
BP. White Acres, Bolingey peg 20, caught over 350lbs of fish that day.

PP. What is your favourite form of fishing?
BP. Pellet Waggler.

PP. Favourite species to catch?
BP. Carp.

PP. In your opinion what is the best bait?
BP. Hard Pellet.

PP. Is there any piece of tackle that you’ll always take on a fishing outing?
BP. My Sensas hat, I forgot it one day, because I was hungover, and I spent all day with the sun in my eyes and couldn’t see a thing.

PP. What is your always go to bait / method – to save blanking on a match?
BP. Worm.

PP. What is your day job?
BP. International Senior Installation Supervisor for Hitec Power Protection.

PP. Which tackle manufacturer do you prefer?
BP. Sensas.

PP. What fishing tackle is on your wish list?
BP. An 11 ft carbon active feeder rod.

PP. Approximately how many floats do you have?
BP. 200 (not all tied lol).

PP. What is the latest piece of tackle that you’ve been impressed by?
BP. My Preston Compact seat box, I have never had a new box before, always second hand, so I treated myself 2 years ago. I bought the compact version because I always take too much stuff, so this limits me a little.

PP. What are your angling goals for 2018?
BP. To try to fish as many matches as possible for the club, work commitments have not allowed this for the last 2 years, unfortunately 2018 may be the same. So I have to forget the league and just try to win the matches I can fish.



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