Match 14 – Astwood 04/10/2015

Buddlea Pool

17 Fished

Trev shows he's back on track taking 1st place.
Trev shows he’s back on track taking 1st place.
Practice makes perfect – Trev Briggs showed the way at Astwood taking 1st place from peg 1 with 48-0. Trev took carp to 10-0 beating Kev ‘Tom Daley’ Lees who finished the match with 40-0 and wet, it seems Kev ‘forgot’ he had returned from his holidays earlier that morning and needed to cool off, so ‘dived’ in for a closer look at the island.
This method must have helped him as he discovered unless he got really close to the island he didn’t get a bite.
Terry and Simon  shared 3rd place both finished with 27-12.
Meanwhile Ted was finding it hard to land the fish he was catching, he just couldn’t get them into the net on his method of the method which is a feature of this weeks competition, Spot the fish! Prizes could include a snorkelling set, swimming arm bands or a rubber ring.
That sinking feeling
Martin top of the leader board
Martin top of the leader board
The result means that Martin now has a narrow 2 point lead over Kev at the top of the leader board.
1.  Trev Briggs

Peg: 1

2. Kev Lees

Peg: 16

3. =  Terry Eardley

Peg: 5

3. =  Simon Garbett

Peg: 19


Next match Sun 18th Oct, 2015 at Weston Pools draw at 8 a.m.


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