Match 4 – Monkhall 20/05/2017

18 Fished

Our recent doubles match took place at Monkhall fisheries with 9 anglers fishing each pool.  The fishing was good on both pools and the individual results were combined to produce the doubles winners, Guy Jones who won his match on the Owl and Dan Podmore who finished 5th on the Lark.

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Match 1 – Woodlands View 09/04/2017

High Pool

19 Fished

The problem faced by all of us who fished this match was that there was a Fish o’ mania qualifier held on the complex, on the Saturday.  That said the top end of the pool was where the top five weights came from.  The weather could not have been better for our opening match of the season, the hottest day of the year so far. There were even anglers fishing with their tops off sun bathing.  So is that why they didn’t catch so many fish?

1. Simon Harris

Peg: 23

2. Jack Cheadle

Peg: 18

3. Dan Podmore

Peg: 16


Match 16 – Aston Eyre 29/10/2016

Quarry Pool

12 Fished

All members text Trev with your votes for Sports person of the year and Most Improved angler of the year as soon as possible.

Everybody who has trophies please return them as soon as possible.  This will allow time for the trophies to be engraved before the presentation night, which will be held at the Unicorn, Little Dawley on Friday 18th, November starting at 19:30.  Please feel free to donate prizes for the raffle.

No Golden peg was drawn at this match.

There were plenty of double figure carp caught at Aston Eyre, during the match there were a possible 4 lumps vying to beat the 15-04 largest fish that was currently winning with 3 anglers sharing the spoils.  Well finally, to save a fish off in the pub car park Guy Jones landed a 16-0-0 lump to take that title for this year.

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Match 15 – Top Barn 16/10/2016

Grebe Pool

13 Fished

All members text Trev with your votes for Sports person of the year and Most Improved angler of the year as soon as possible.

No Golden peg was drawn at this match.

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Match 14 – Monkhall 01/10/2016

Owl & Swallow Pools

13 Fished


Owl Pool

1. Guy Jones Peg 5 61-10
2. Rob McKee Peg 3 53-08
3. Carol Jones Peg 9 42-02


Swallow Pool

1. Kev Lees Peg 14 103-14
2. Simon Harris Peg 20 64-12
3. Barry Podmore Peg 17 58-00

It’s time to get the polish out and return all trophies back to Trev a.s.a.p.

Draw time change for Aston Eyre confirmed for 11 a.m.

Match 13 – Curborough 18/09/2016


8 Fished

1. Guy Jones Peg 1 (GP) 28-06
2. Martin McHugh Peg 11 28-02


Match 12 – Solhampton 04/09/2016

Kingfisher Pool

15 Fished

Well he can draw a peg, can’t he, as long as it’s peg 8 on the Kingfisher.  Even though he couldn’t remember fishing here before, Terry returned to Solhampton Kingfisher pool to win from the same peg that he won from last year. From the outset Terry started fishing pellet feeder to the island taking small carp, before catching on the pole in the margins, but it was one of those days for him where he couldn’t go wrong whatever he fished.
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Match 11 – Tunnel Barn 20/08/2016

Top Pool

18 Fished


Banter over a beer – Rob of the Hill vs Hadley Tez!

The annual outing was full of promise until the weather intervened and although it was not as bad as we expected, it did have a detrimental effect on the fishing.  Especially with the pool having two ‘bowls’ with one bowl having waves on it and the other a mill pond in comparison. The fish followed the tow of the water and this was evident at the weigh-in. The match was fished over 5 1/2 hours, and 42-00 was the winning weight, which was not even challenged by the second weight in the frame. Read more of this post

Match 10 – Boldings 14/08/2016

Oak Pool

18 Fished

Well he can draw a peg, can’t he! Kev was back on track drawing the corner peg of the oak pool, fishing long pole, Kev put together the winning weight of 34-00.  Paul was second fishing feeder under the willow tree to put 25-00 in the net at the end. He was closely followed by Barry who weighed in 23-14.
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Match 9 – Aston Eyre 30/07/2016

Quarry Pool

17 Fished

Individual Result

1 Barry Podmore Peg 14 88-08
2 Dan Podmore Peg 4 74-08
3 Terry Eardley Peg 17 68-08

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