Match 13 – Willowmarsh 1/09/2019

Dragon Fly Pool

15 fished

Martin ensured this one didn’t get away.

Guy managed to land most of the fish he hooked at Willowmarsh on Sunday. He weighed in 54-0 to take 1st place in the frame. He finished ahead of Billy and Simon who both put 36-8 onto the scales, to claim joint second place.
There were many stories of loads of lost BIG fish causing frustration among those that were catching. Bites were few and far between for most of the club members which made things worse, waiting long periods for bites, before being smashed – whether you were fishing feeder, pellet waggler or pole short in the margins, or just in front of you. If they had all been netted it could have been a different match, and I’m sure the biggest fish of the year would have featured at this venue.

Guy opened up the lead at the top of the leader board over Terry who is now 14 points behind. We weighed in a total of 306lb at this match.

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Match 12 – Froggatts 18/08/2019

Lodge Pool

15 fished

Simon recorded his first match win of the season at Froggatts on Sunday. He weighed in 62-2 to get 1st place in the frame. He finished ahead of Rob who put 53-0 onto the scales and they were pegged next door to each other.
Simon Garbett took third place from the other side of the pool weighing in with 43-0 of paste caught carp.

Guy remains on top of the leader board followed by Terry who is 9 points behind. We weighed in a total of 462lb at this match.

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Match 11 – Haye Farm 11/08/2019

Curtis Pool

10 fished

Terry held off the challengers and the rain

A mixed bag of weather and fishing fortunes on Sunday at Haye Farm. Despite the sudden downpours, Terry started catching from the inside margin on big pellet. Barry started off well opposite Terry, but couldn’t sustain the pressure on him. Meanwhile further down the pool Rob was having a nightmare with lost fish and tree snags. But he persevered to beat Mel into third place.

In addition we all wish Mickey a speedy recovery.

Guy remains on top of the leader board followed by Terry who is still chasing and waiting for more slip ups. We weighed in a total of 242lb at this match.

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Match 10 – Larford 28/07/2019

Match Pool – Burr Bank

14 fished

I couldn’t belive my eyes when I arrived at my peg, as soon as I stepped onto the wooden platform to setup the number of carp that spooked into the bay was like a tidal wave. Permanent peg 66 is a bit of a kamikaze peg, an end peg more suited to a left handed angler. So I setup a pellet feeder and 3 rigs for my margin pole, when the whistle sounded the all-in the carp were still visible in front of me, so I started on the pellet feeder. The first five chucks, I landed five carp putting approximately 25-0 into the net.

Guy remains on top of the leader board followed by Terry who is still chasing and waiting for more slip ups. We weighed in a total of 485lb at this match.

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Match 9 – Monkhall 13/07/2019

Swallow Pool

13 fished

Many congratulations to Terry for posting a hat trick of wins. He continued his good form on the Swallow Pool at Monkhall, by putting 104-0 onto the scales from peg 2. Simon Harris took second place with 90-0, narrowly beating Barry who weighed in with 88-0.

Terry’s consecutive wins have catapulted him 😉 up to second place on the leader board behind Guy who remains at the top with consistent match points. We weighed in a total of 801lb at this match.

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Match 8 – Cob House 29/06/2019

Chestnut Pool

15 fished

Cob house fishery hosted our annual outing this year. After a really good breakfast in the Mayfly cafe which set us up for the day fishing on the Chestnut Pool.

We used the permanent pegs for the match, which had been selected by the fishery bailiff. With a supply of fishery feed pellets, we made our way to our pegs after picking up fishery supplied keep nets and landing nets.

The pool aerator was running throughout the match, due to the high temperature – 34 degrees poolside which could be classed as normal if you’re on holiday abroad but not when you’re match fishing in England.

The pool has a very good stamp of carp of all varieties as well as bream and tench. I know Billy got off the a great start taking two carp with his first two chucks on the pole. But I think it was Mickey that landed the first fish of the match which was a bream, and he went on to catch 44lb of bream at the weigh in. The fishing got better as the match progressed, with some very big carp being caught on pole and feeder tactics.

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Important – Draw time change

We have decided to change the draw time for the next match at Monkhall fishery. The new draw time is 9:00am and we’ll fish from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Please inform anyone that you know that is going but doesn’t always read the notifications posted on here.

Match 7 – Elmbridge 16/06/2019

Peacock Pool

13 fished

How disappointing! Either we’ve forgotten how to catch fish or the fish haven’t switched onto feeding since spawning. There were plenty of carp showing, even leaping out of the water giving away their whereabouts but could we get them to feed. Probably only Terry knows the way to get them to feed here although what he weighed in this match was only a third of the weight he put on the scales last time we fished here.

Fingers crossed for bumper bags of fish at the annual outing

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Annual Outing Arrangements 2019

The annual outing is at Cob House on the Chestnut Pool.  The tackle van will be at the Unicorn car park on Friday 28/06 between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  Please can all anglers who require this facility please meet here to load their tackle onto the van.

On Saturday 29/06 the mini bus is scheduled to leave at 6:30am prompt. There is a limited number of spaces for guests who want to fish, please let Trev know a.s.a.p. for numbers.

Match 6 – Vineyard 2/06/2019

Heron Pool

14 fished

Heron Pool looked perfect, it was great to see how much the pool had matured over the past couple of months, as the foliage surrounding the pool had burst into life. Unfortunately, the carp had also started spawning, the margins of the pool were alive with carp thrashing about in the reeds. We came to the conclusion that this could be a silver fish match – with the carp more likely to be uninterested in our bait offerings.

Our fishing challenge was further amplified when the bailiff visited each of us at our pegs and kindly asked that if we caught a barbel we return it to the water immediately – we decided not to weigh them in. Spawning carp and No barbel. Trev said he got the carp going up in the water for the last 2 hours of the match to win it with 54-0 and move up to second on the leader board. Barry was a close second weighing in with 40-8 and Dan framed in third with 27-8.

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