Match 6 – Aston Eyre 05/06/2021

Quarry Pool

11 fished + 1

Sunny spells with a swirling southerly wind.

Come on the fishes!

Oh dear, right venue, right weather, in-form venue, Saturday afternoon match PERFECT except the fish decided to start spawning, all around the pool the fish were actively spawning and didn’t care one bit that we were there offering free food. I have never seen so many DNW recorded in a club match before.

Terry fished with a pellet feeder to plunder carp in the shallows on the current ‘hot’ peg including a twenty pounder that he lost at the net. While Dave managed to get into some fish in the margins . Barry took third place putting 15-0 onto the scales.

That 1st place takes Terry to the top of the leader board, so now Terry has a 1 point lead over Guy.

Those that caught weighed in 167lbs or 76kg. No link available on the Quarry Pool Facebook page, which just about sums it all up.

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Match 5 – Woodside 23/05/2021

Woodside Pool

10 fished

Miserable, and very damp.

Smile when you’re winning!

It’s becoming monotonous but once again we struggled, the weights were disappointing with everyone struggling for bites. We need a change in the weather – we need a hot spell of weather for the fishes to get on the feed. Come on the fishes!

Guy managed to get into some fish in the margins on maggot and adding 12-0 of silverfish including a good perch to win this one from peg 11. Terry took second place, using a combination of pellet feeder to the island and maggot down the edge. Mel finished in third place with two carp from the margins on corn and one on groundbait method feeder and 6mm pellet.

It’s very close at the top of the leader board where Guy holds a 2 point lead over Terry.

We weighed in 103lbs or 47kg. Woodside Fishery on Facebook

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Match 4 – Larford 9/05/2021

Specimen Pool

13 fished

Overcast, with a brisk south westerly wind. Pool carrying a lot of extra water.

Martin! Martin! Which peg are you on?

Once again we struggled, the weights from Larford were disappointing everyone struggled for bites. There was a lot of extra depth from the weeks rain and it appeared that the fish had gone into hibernation.

Some good stamp Bream were caught, along with the small stockie carp that made up the majority of the weigh ins. Only Martin managed to land a ‘specimen’ carp which is also the biggest fish landed so far this season, weighing in at 15-4. That fish boosted his weight, and he went on to win the match with a total weight of 38-0. In second place was Terry with 24-8. Dan made up the frame from end peg 15 with 20-0. As you can see from the weights, fishing isn’t right yet, the weather needs to improve for the fish to really get on the feed and give us at least half a chance to catch’em.

Terry has closed the gap between him and Guy, who still retains his lead at the top of the leader board after four matches.

We weighed in 171lbs or 77.5kg.

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Match 3 – Elmbridge 25/04/2021

Peacock Pool

11 fished

Cold start, developing into a cloudy day with a high temperature of 13C and a low of 10C with an Easterly breeze of 13mph.

Winning peg 6!

Once again, the weights from Elmbridge were disappointing everyone struggled as the carp that cruised around in pairs just didn’t want to feed.

So it was over to the venue expert Terry to lead the way from peg 6 but only putting 46lb in his net, no where near the 100lb that we know the pool is capable of. Dave kept his run of form going from peg 1 challenging the lead right from the all-in with 36lb, that’s two successive second places for him. Simon Harris completed the frame from peg 2 with 23lb. Guy still retains his lead at the top of the leader board after three matches.

We weighed in 173lbs or 78.5kg.

Match Suggestions

Please don’t forget to suggest some venues and pools for matches next season, as we need to start booking them as soon as possible.

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Match 2 – Broseley 18/04/2021

Lodge Pool

12 fished

Cold start, turning into a sunny day with a high temperature of 16C and a low of 14C with a moderate Southerly breeze of 5mph.

Disappointing weights from Lodge Lane

Once again, the weights from Lodge Lane were disappointing everyone really struggled as the dark shapes that cruised in the middle of the pool were intent on not feeding.

So it was over to Guy to show us the way and he did putting 80lb in his nets including a carp weighing 11-8 the heaviest fish so far this season. The carp did move into the margins but only in the last half an hour. Guy now tops the leader board after two matches.

We weighed in 192lbs or 87kg.

Annual outing

We have decided that there will be no transportation provided for the Annual Outing this year, as it’s too close to the COVID lock-down restrictions being lifted, subject to the UK Government road map.


Nominations for a new vice chair-person have been received. Good to see Simon Harris stepping up for the vacant vice chairman role we wish him all the best in his new position.

Match Suggestions

Please don’t forget to suggest some venues and pools for matches next season, as we need to start booking them as soon as possible.

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Match 1 – Monkhall 03/04/2021

Swallow Pool

15 fished

Cloudy start with sunny spells later on with a high temperature of 11C and a low of 8C with a moderate Northerly wind of 9mph

Good bags of carp from around Swallow pool

A great start to the season, with a brilliant attendance for our opening match of the 2021 season at the brilliant Monkhall fishery.

We had a lot of catching up to do as there have been no presentations, and no AGM in 2021. So Trev and Martin did the honours and presented the trophies from the back of his van (Julie is well pleased). Following the presentation we welcomed the new members to the club. A big welcome to Gavin and Allan oh and Jack is back! (just in case nobody noticed). Following the proceedings and taking all the subscriptions, Martin proceeded with the draw, we opted to draw names and then peg numbers from hereon (COVID is still here).

Things got off to a good start for Terry, winning the first football card (PNE), then Martin drew peg 1 for him and he then went on the catch more than a ton and win the match. Not easy when you’re fishing next door to Guy (no pressure eh Tez).

There were plenty of carp and ide being caught, to pole fished short and down the track either on the deck or up in the water. Paul and Gavin we having good fish on the feeder as well.

Don’t forget to consider transportation options for the Annual Outing, I know it’s not until June, but we’ll need time to organise and tentatively make a booking.
Nominations for a new vice chair-person will be accepted via the WhatsApp group or by contacting Trev or Martin directly.

We weighed in 782lbs or 354kg.

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2021 Matches released

All subject to COVID lockdown laws of course.

The 2021 match calendar has been released, hoping for a COVID free season and some great fishing with members and guests. The full match calendar is on the Events page, with the full details including draw times and SatNav directions.

We start our season at Monkhall on the Swallow Pool on 3rd April 2021 🀞

Our Annual day out is at Cobhouse on the Chestnut Pool on 26th June 2021 πŸ₯“ 🎣 🍺 πŸ˜‚

The Doubles match is at Broseley on Lodge Lane Pool on 22nd August 2021 πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ‘¨πŸΌ 🎣

Season Statistics 2020

Click on the image to view in full size.

Match 17 – Monkhall 31/10/2020

Swallow Pool

8 fished

Report by Trev.

Fishing conditions were atrocious on the day with high winds and rain, the results were a bit of a miss mash. Within the first two hours I think everybody would have packed up and gone home as brollys been blown inside out and sections of poles blown across the paths.

The better results coming from the right-hand side of the pool, with Terry, Martin, Dan and Dave, but I think everyone was relieved when the all-out whistle was blown. Simon Garbett had already packed up and left early. Although we were all having a laugh and joke about the conditions of the day when we finished.

As there will be no presentation night due to the COVID we will have a mini presentation at the AGM in Jan all being well .

So the committee myself, Micky and Martin would like to wish all the members a safe and happy Xmas and New Year, we will be in touch later with a date for the AGM and where it will be held

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Match 16 – Aston Eyre 17/10/2020

Quarry Pool

10 fished

Report by Trev.

Very hard fishing as a lot of rain fell during the night which affected the fishing, as you can see in the results, hope it improves for the last match of the season at Monkhall.

Dave did have 8lb 12ozs of bits with some nice roach in there. There were a few lumps pulled out but nothing to beat Terrys big fish last time we fished here.

Been in touch with Monkhall we have agreed to change the draw time to ⏰ 9a.m. then fish 🎣 10a.m. to 3p.m. on Saturday 31st October πŸ“†.

Hope to see you all at next match.

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