Match 16 – Aston Eyre 12/11/2017

12 fished

Quarry Pool

Our last match of the season, winter is here.  And didn’t we know it, the weather was atrocious for the start of this match with heavy rain and a cold northerly wind blowing over the venue.  Thanks to Tony Crann for ferrying the tackle down to the pool.
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Match 15 – Froggatts 29/10/2017

14 fished

Leigh’s Pool

There were a few dry nets in a match that proved difficult.  This is a surprisingly large venue with a lot of islands and other features but a lack of hungry fish. Read more of this post

Match 14 – Hanchurch Fishery 14/10/2017

12 fished

Model Canal

A great days fishing in the Potteries, but the consensus  of opinion was that it would have fished even better with more anglers covering all 60 pegs on this extensive venue.  We were fortunate with the weather as well, although overcast it was a warm day with very little wind affecting this canal type pool.  Read more of this post

Match 13 – Willow Marsh 30/09/2017

8 fished


I was on holiday, so the only report I’ve heard is that Dan won off the babies peg.  😂

🏆 🏅🏊 A note from Trev that all trophies can now be returned to him in time to get them engraved for this years presentations, please give them a polish before you return them.

1 Dan Podmore Peg 12 111-10
2 Martin McHugh Peg 5 64-14
3 Simon Harris Peg 38 49-02

Match 12 – Weston Pools 17/09/2017

12 fished

Clay Pool

I was on holiday, so the only report I had was that Guy beat them all ends up with a maggot attack.

1 Guy Jones Peg 1 126-10
2 Trevor Briggs Peg 10 36-03
3 Rob McKee Peg 2 36-00