Match 3 – Aston Eyre 06/05/2017

Quarry Pool

16 fished


Guy Jones romped to victory at Aston Eyre, mainly catching on pellet waggler and feeder, he used three nets to weigh in a total of 96lbs 10oz.  In second place Rob McKee who just managed 8oz more than Rob Gittins 60lb, and secured the top place in the leader board.   Once again Aston Eyre provided a great match with a good weight of fish being caught.  I’ve got to mention that the bloke on the peg next to me in the match managed to land a double figure carp, which had swam between his keep nets and under them, not once but twice. He managed to pass the top section of his pole under the keep net and finally land the double figure carp, probably his biggest fish of the day, what method do you call this Terry?

1 Guy Jones Peg 15 96-10
2 Rob McKee Peg 6 60-08
3 Rob Gittins Peg 30 60-00

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