Match 16 – Aston Eyre 12/10/2019

Quarry Pool

10 fished

Guy weighed in 89-8 to take 1st place in the frame, it was a difficult match due to the number of fish that were lost – the size of fish always impresses at Quarry Pool, there are some big monsters in there. He finished ahead of Simon who put 83-8 into his nets for a close second place, probably only one fish behind. And Mel weighed in with 68-2 to claim third place from peg 5, 4, 3 and 2 😮 😆 eh Rob.
We weighed in a total of 466lb at this match.

Guy Jones

Don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour for the next match which is at Broseley, Lodge Lane on October 27.

Can someone donate a 3rd prize for the match as there won’t be any pay out’s. We’ve got a 1st and 2nd prize can you let me know who is going to donate as I don’t want to have loads of bottles to take home 😉

Entry peg fees will be £15 for the match and I would like everyone to have a couple of goes on the football card at £2 a team £30 for the winner – or if someone wants to donate bottle of something for the prize it would mean more money to go to the club funds thanks.

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Match 5 – Aston Eyre 18/05/2019

Quarry Pool

14 fished

Once again, Quarry Pool produced some great individual weights for our anglers. There was added interest in this match as it was also the doubles fixture.

Guy made it his first match win of the season, putting 90-0 on the scales, while Martin continued his run of form taking second place with 74-8 and Simon returning to take third with 65-0. Other weights to note were Bobby with 60-0, and the biggest fish 16-0 falling to Mickey Meah.

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Match 16 – Aston Eyre 27/10/2018

14 fished

Quarry Pool

Our last match of 2018 season was at Aston Eyre which usually provides a ton of fish for the winner and or the biggest fish of the season. What a difference a couple of days, and quite a few degrees Celsius makes, whoa it was feckin freezing, and as five hours passed almost all of us were packing up to try and keep warm. Two had already had enough and left early, leaving more points available for the final leader board, and Bobby (Nudd) Tranter was ecstatic with his fish!

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Match 6 – Aston Eyre 16/06/2018

16 fished

Quarry Pool

Once again the Quarry Pool at Aston Eyre produced some great weights.  Although the weather did not help anyone fishing the pole, as the wind got up and as the venue is an open water it did whip up some waves.  Fishing pellet waggler was not really an option today either, which then left feeder methods available to entice the carp to feed.

We weighed in  a total over 779lb.
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Match 16 – Aston Eyre 12/11/2017

12 fished

Quarry Pool

Our last match of the season, winter is here.  And didn’t we know it, the weather was atrocious for the start of this match with heavy rain and a cold northerly wind blowing over the venue.  Thanks to Tony Crann for ferrying the tackle down to the pool.
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Match 3 – Aston Eyre 06/05/2017

Quarry Pool

16 fished


Guy Jones romped to victory at Aston Eyre, mainly catching on pellet waggler and feeder, he used three nets to weigh in a total of 96lbs 10oz.  In second place Rob McKee who just managed 8oz more than Rob Gittins 60lb, and secured the top place in the leader board.   Once again Aston Eyre provided a great match with a good weight of fish being caught.  I’ve got to mention that the bloke on the peg next to me in the match managed to land a double figure carp, which had swam between his keep nets and under them, not once but twice. Read more of this post

Match 16 – Aston Eyre 29/10/2016

Quarry Pool

12 Fished

All members text Trev with your votes for Sports person of the year and Most Improved angler of the year as soon as possible.

Everybody who has trophies please return them as soon as possible.  This will allow time for the trophies to be engraved before the presentation night, which will be held at the Unicorn, Little Dawley on Friday 18th, November starting at 19:30.  Please feel free to donate prizes for the raffle.

No Golden peg was drawn at this match.

There were plenty of double figure carp caught at Aston Eyre, during the match there were a possible 4 lumps vying to beat the 15-04 largest fish that was currently winning with 3 anglers sharing the spoils.  Well finally, to save a fish off in the pub car park Guy Jones landed a 16-0-0 lump to take that title for this year.

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Match 9 – Aston Eyre 30/07/2016

Quarry Pool

17 Fished

Individual Result

1 Barry Podmore Peg 14 88-08
2 Dan Podmore Peg 4 74-08
3 Terry Eardley Peg 17 68-08

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Match 16 – Aston Eyre 01/11/2015

Quarry Pool

19 Fished

Well we have come to the end of another successful season. Thanks to all members for their attendance in all weathers at matches, again a great statistic for a fishing club of our size. Don’t forget to let Trev know your nominees for the awards prior to the presentation night, which is 5th December  2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Unicorn, Little Dawley. Sorry there are no photo’s this week, I blame the fog.

This match started out in dense fog, visibility was so bad that sometimes all you could hear were voices otherwise you’d have thought everyone else had gone home and you were fishing on your own.  Simon used this to his advantage and weighed in 72-08 for first place.  Kev made a dramatic comeback to weigh 70-14 for second, followed by Terry with 58-02.

The bragging rights for the top of the leader board went down to this last match, and it wasn’t without controversy! With Kev landing a fish a few feet from his peg, he ‘quietly’ released the fish back into the pool to avoid disqualification and he got his head down and battled his way to second place in the match and finally overtake Martin to finish on top of the leader board by just 4 points, and Brian finished in third place. Congratulations to everyone for making this such a good contest!


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Match 9 – Aston Eyre 26/07/2014

Quarry Pool

20 Fished

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Trevor Briggs


  1. Lee Leese



Don’t forget next match is our Annual Outing 9th August, Solhampton.

Meet at the Unicorn car park between 6:00pm and 7:00pm on Fri 8th August for loading.

A minibus will be leaving the Unicorn car park at 8:00am prompt on Sat 9th August.

P.S. No nets are required as they are supplied by the fishery.

P.P.S. Those who have only quick release net attachments you may have to remove them for this match.