Match 6 – Aston Eyre 05/06/2021

Quarry Pool

11 fished + 1

Sunny spells with a swirling southerly wind.

Come on the fishes!

Oh dear, right venue, right weather, in-form venue, Saturday afternoon match PERFECT except the fish decided to start spawning, all around the pool the fish were actively spawning and didn’t care one bit that we were there offering free food. I have never seen so many DNW recorded in a club match before.

Terry fished with a pellet feeder to plunder carp in the shallows on the current ‘hot’ peg including a twenty pounder that he lost at the net. While Dave managed to get into some fish in the margins . Barry took third place putting 15-0 onto the scales.

That 1st place takes Terry to the top of the leader board, so now Terry has a 1 point lead over Guy.

Those that caught weighed in 167lbs or 76kg. No link available on the Quarry Pool Facebook page, which just about sums it all up.

Individual Result

1Terry Eardley2286-0
2Dave Nickolls1636-0
3Barry Podmore2715-0


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