Match 7 – Cobhouse 26/06/2021

Chestnut Pool

15 fished + 2

Overcast, with sunny spells with an Easterly wind.

All in!

Our annual outing was at Cobhouse, as we returned to Chestnut Pool for the first time in a couple of years. A fantastic breakfast served at the Mayfly cafe, set us up for the day. Trev and Martin commenced the draw as we continue to abide to COVID guidelines. With the pags drawn, the banter started as everyone eyed up their pegs and assessed their chosen methods and chances of winning.

Dan started well on peg 9 a corner peg (14) on short pole, which seemed to be everyone’s starting method, but only a few fish were being caught from around the pool. A strong wind ruled out the pellet waggler, so a switch to pellet feeder was proving to be productive for many. There were a few fish showing up in the water now but they were ignoring anything fished shallow. Simon Harris was frequently hooking and losing fish from right in the edge. On short pole and feeder the bream took over from the feeding carp, so switching between a short pellet feeder and right in the edge, proved to be the most effective methods, catching a run of two or three carp and switching between methods.

Dan finished the match in 1st place putting 87-10 in the weigh sling. Guy framed in 2nd place with 75-2 followed by Terry with 67-12. That means we have a tie in 1st place at the top of the leader board, with Terry and Guy, who have 101 points each.

There were section wins for Simon 66-14, Mark and Paul 23-0, Mel 61-0 and Jack 60-12

We weighed in 796lbs or 361kg.

Individual Result

1Dan Podmore987-10
2Guy Jones675-2
3Terry Eardley1167-12

Section Winners

Section ASimon Garbett66-14
Section BPaul Jinks / Mark Peaver23-0
Section CMel Boulds61-0
Section DJack Cheadle60-12


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