Leader Board 2019

Rank Angler Fished Won Weight Points AVG
1Guy Jones1544224216.1
2Simon Harris1513822414.9
3Rob McKee1323421416.5
4Trev Briggs1513020313.5
5Martin McHugh1613119412.1
6Terry Eardley1253219216.0
7Billy Tranter1501916010.7
8Carol Jones1501515610.4
9Mel Boulds1122215514.1
10Brian Pickstone160141539.6
11=Dan Podmore1102514713.4
11=Bob Tranter1401614710.5
13Simon Garbett1102213011.8
14Barry Podmore802012715.9
15Mickey Meah110111009.1
16Rob Gittins505469.2
17Ted Tranter502377.4
18Jack Cheadle00000.0

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