Match 11 – Haye Farm 03/09/2017

14 fished

Dexter Pool

A day of showers and autumnal feel greeted anglers visiting Haye Farm last Sunday.  We still had a good turnout of 14 in total and a welcome return to Billy who hasn’t fished for a while. Fish were topping on Dexter Pool, there were plenty of fish moving about and a few favoured pegs were being noted before the draw. Read more of this post

Match 10 – Monkhall 19/08/2017

14 fished

Swallow Pool

Due to unconfirmed problems with the Owl pool, we were kindly re-arranged onto the swallow pool which could accommodate all of us.  Allowing the usual open to fish the lark pool. Kev was on his usual peg on this pool, he can’t stop drawing peg 13 on here, a corner peg with the wind blowing in his direction, so he sat fishing with his back to the rest of us.  He didn’t stop catching right up to the final whistle and more.   Read more of this post

Match 9 – Solhampton 05/08/2017

13 fished

Kingfisher Pool

1 Guy Jones Peg 21 99-04
2 Simon Harris Peg 30 68-10
3 Rob McKee Peg 8 56-04

Match 8 – Old Hough 22/07/2017

Annual Outing

16 fished

Prospect Pool

1 Terry Eardley Peg 1 29-04
2 Guy Jones Peg 3 27-08

Section Winners

Martin McHugh (peg 6) 24-08

Rob McKee (peg 16) 19-08

Lucky Dip Pool

1  Rob Gittins Peg 3 54-08
2 Simon Garbett Peg 14 36-02

Section Winners

Graham Payne (peg 16) 33-08

Barry Podmore (peg 6) 29-00

Match 7 – Hampton Springs 08/07/2017

Rock Pool

13 fished

It’s amazing what the sun does to you when on the bank, Kev’s 3rd pole section fell into the pool, so Kev went in to retrieve it, once he found it and continued to dry out, he fished on to win the match with 40-0.  Dan Podmore is still leading the leader board by a single point.  There were some very close results following that with places won by 2 or more ounces.  Terry was absent from this match because he thought is was Sunday so because he didn’t inform the committee is docked 10 points on the leader board Read more of this post