Match 4 – Furnace Mill 08/05/2022

Mucky Meadow

15 fished

Marginal benefits

The ‘new’ bank on Mucky Meadow appears to have settled down since being rebuilt. It proved to be a productive line for Terry on peg 11 where he caught short on the pole from the off, and he kept filling his nets with his backup short feeder line. While there were plenty of carp showing on the surface not too many were being caught shallow. Mark Harris had a good run of carp mid-way through the match as they seemed to be queueing up wait for his next shallow fished pellet.
Barry’s short line became productive later on in the match, with a good run of carp to boost his chances of framing. While Paul was catching regularly on the pellet feeder, and switching to the short pole to keep catching.

Mucky Meadow Pool Fish Selection: Roach 3lbs, tench 3lbs, bream 3-4lbs and up to 12lbs, crucian carp 3lb, common carp average 3-6lb, mirror carp average 3-6lbs, ghost carp average 3-6lbs. Chub average 1½-3lbs. Also has golden orfe, perch and rudd.
Well done Carol for catching the heaviest fish of the season so far 11-02 beating the carp Mark caught in the last match.

Mark Jones was our guest angler for this match and he weighed in 27-0 from peg 1.
We weighed in a total of 565lbs or 244kg.

Individual Result

1Terry Eardley1181-8
2Barry Podmore554-2
3Paul Jinks1448-2

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