Match 3 – Springlea 24/04/2022

Mallard Pool

15 fished

The first impresssions of Springlea were very good, for those of us who remember it quite a few years ago it was great to see the amount of work that has gone into creating a fantastic looking fishing venue. The pools have matured from the open pools or carp puddles from the last time I fished here. Springlea has its own tackle and bait shop and take away refreshments. Anglers must use the supplied landing and keepnets, you are supplied with 1 net for silver fish and 2 nets for carp with a maximum limit of 50lb per net.

One thing to note about the Mallard pool was that the easterly wind really turned the water over, from the car park end of the pool. Wind from a different direction probably wouldn’t have the same effect. So for all the anglers drawn on pegs 1 to 24 being in the shade, it was like fishing in a fridge, the wind chill was taking effect within an hour. While on the other side of the pool they were in short sleeves and sun glasses.

Unfortunately, the main talking points of this match will be ‘are we booking it next year?’. A fantastic venue, but look at the weights caught, not only that but you could probably count the total number of bites we had between us. There were 6 DNW and that wasn’t anglers putting low weights back – that was no fish caught, and for some 1 bite in 5 hours.


Mark goes top!

We weighed in a total of 98lbs or 44kg.

Jack was glad to have caught!

Individual Result

1Mark Harris3420-4
2Allan Kempin219-9
3Mark Peevor2818-5


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