Match 2 – Monkhall 9/04/2022

Swallow Pool

15 fished

As match anglers, we all look forward to our next contest on the calendar, especially if it’s at our favourite venue. It often means we can have a plan of attack already starting to build up in our minds. If only the weather was favourable, instead we had a bit of everything. Starting with a frost in the morning, sunny spells, hail and a gusting wind didn’t make it a nice day’s fishing.

The match started off quite slow, with only a few fish being caught around the pool. After an hour, I’ve not even had a sign! By now Terry (next door) had started catching quite regularly on the pellet feeder, so I had a first put in on a short pole line, largely due to the wind preventing me from fishing across to the island. Then, my first fish, an Ide had fallen to my maggot bait. This was followed quite quickly by a small stocky carp. A splash from a hard fighting F1 was heard from my left hand side, Terry was connected to it and landed a good F1 of about 4lb. From then on, mixing fishing short and reverting to the pellet feeder across to the island he continued to catch regularly and each time they were a higher stamp of fish to what I was catching. Terry went on to win the match with 65-0. Over on peg 1 Trev was putting together a good weight of fish to finish in second with 55-8. Third place went to Paul who had probably had the best start to the match with 46-8. He probably lost concentration after hearing the Everton v Man Utd result.

Terry, rang the changes to win

We weighed in a total of 504lbs or 228kg.

Individual Result

1Terry Eardley1465-0
2Trev Briggs155-8
3Paul Jinks346-8

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