Match 5 – Boldings Pools 22/05/2022


15 fished

Smash and Grab

It’s disappointing that when you only get to fish 1 match in every fortnight, you’ve got a venue on the calendar that promises good match weights, the weather turns fine but when the day arrives the fish just do not want to feed. Not just the carp, by the end of this match some were fishing half a maggot on a 22 hook to catch anything that looked like a fish. That’s how desperate they were to entice a bite and put something in the net.

I hoped that this would be a venue that I could write about some great weights, but in truth it was shocking how this match did not fish. No chance of the biggest fish for the third match in a row. Unless, and no I don’t know whether the fish that smashed me up from the margin resulting in a half of a fourth section plus the third and top two would have challenged for the biggest fish. It was a £200+ carp, that swam to the bottom of the pool with half of my pole.

Two match seconds in a row for Barry, who despite the poor form of the venue managed to detect the shiest (is that spelt right) of bites, and switching baits, finding that maggot was the only bait that would produce a tiny dink on the float, resulting in a fish. Peg 11 was a winner again two matches in a row, and Mark Harris was switching between shallow rigs and he margin to eventually take first place in the frame, his second win of the season.

Mark Jones was our guest angler for this match and he weighed in 17-8 from peg 8 the scure second place in the pools.
We weighed in a total of 94lbs or 42kg 😒.

Individual Result

1Mark Harris1121-8
2Barry Podmore1316-2
3Trev Briggs1510-8


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