Match 15 – Top Barn 16/10/2016

Grebe Pool

13 Fished

All members text Trev with your votes for Sports person of the year and Most Improved angler of the year as soon as possible.

No Golden peg was drawn at this match.

1. Martin McHugh

Peg: 16

2. Rob Gittins

Peg: 10

3. Dan Podmore

Peg: 22


Next match Sat 29th Oct, 2016 at Aston Eyre draw at 10 a.m.

Everybody who has trophies please return them for the next match, no later.

  • Brian Pickstone
  • Simon Garbett
  • Dan Podmore
  • Rob McKee

2 thoughts on “Match 15 – Top Barn 16/10/2016

  1. hi ya don’t know who reads these but its allan lees here cant make the match on sat as we are moving house tried to ring micky, trevor,and brian [weds and thurs]
    no answers kevin wants to know if he can bring a guest [graham]

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