In the Spotlight, Trevor Briggs


Trev Briggs
Trev fishes his favourite method.

This time the Spotlight falls on our Sports Person of the year winner, an obvious choice for the next spotlight feature. I had to catch up with him before a busy start to the season, as Trev puts in so much work for the whole club. Over to you Trev…. 

PP. When did you start fishing?
TB. I started at the age of 5, soI‘v got a few years experience

PP. Can you recall the first fish that you caught? 
TB. It was a small roach on double maggot.

PP. What was your favourite ever match, and why? 
TB. It was when the Reel Liners Angling Club finished and I went to fish for the Little Dawley snooker club, we fished Aston Eyre and I drew peg 29 the wind was blowing from behind me. The day before I had bought a new pellet waggler rod so I gave it a go and weighed in 136lb my heaviest bag of fish.

PP. Which was your favourite match last season? 
TB. It’s got to be Aston Eyre I just love fishing there.

PP. What was the biggest fish that you’ve caught, and what method did you use? 
TB. It was a 16lb carp on floating bread, on a day out with the Reel Liners.

PP. What was the best peg that you’ve ever fished? 
TB. Peg 29 Aston Eyre.

PP. What is your favourite form of fishing? 
TB. I prefer to pole fish if the conditions allow, but do like fishing the tip now and then.

PP. What’s your favourite species to catch?
TB. Carp, because I like the fight they put up.

PP. In your opinion what is the best bait? 
TB. You can’t beat pellet.

PP. Is there any piece of tackle that you’ll always take on a fishing outing?
TB. Not really I take the same tackle to each match.

PP. What is your always go to bait / method – to save blanking on a match?
TB. Not mastered that one yet but they reckon maggots are a good bet.

PP. What is your day job? 
TB. At this present time unemployed.

PP.  Which tackle manufacturer do you prefer?
TB. Preston Innovations.

PP. What fishing tackle is on your wish list? 
TB. I’ve always wanted a good pole but never got around it.

PP. Approximately how many floats do you have?
TB. I don’t have that many about 15 I think.

PP. What is the latest piece of tackle that you’ve been impressed by? 
TB. I wouldn’t say latest piece of tackle but I always like using my Drennen puddle chucker feeder rod which I dragged out of Ticklerton.

PP. What are your angling goals for 2018?
TB. Hopefully finish in the top six which would be very unlikely.

Thanks for sharing your answers Trev, I hope you achieve your top six finish next season.  Tight lines and stretched elastic!


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