In the Spotlight, Guy Jones

Guy Jones


Introducing last seasons Leader board points winner, continuing this current series of In the spotlight I spoke with Guy, to get an insight to his fishing and he was happy to share his answers here. 

PP. When did you start fishing? 

GJ. I’ve been fishing since I was 7 yrs old – started match fishing when I was 10 yrs old with LMS Angling Club.

PP. Can you recall the first fish that you caught? 
GJ. The first fish I ever caught was a small Dace.

PP. What was your favourite ever match, and why? 
GJ. That was on river Wye at Holme Lacey won match with 54lb of Dace and Chub on the stick and waggler, fished against some of the best river anglers in Shrewsbury that day and won with my net of dace 35lb alone – I was brought up on river fishing can’t beat fishing rivers like the Wye and Severn.

PP. Which was your favourite match last season? 
GJ. My favorite match last season was at the Clay Pit – I had never fished there and because of the depth its a different place to fish – had a plan in my head when I went there and it went spot on – biggest surprise was the amount of silver fish I caught.  A close second would be Solhampton. I drew next door to Dan, caught all day and had a great laugh with the big fella which is what club fishing is all about.

PP. What was the biggest fish that you’ve caught, and what method did you use? 
GJ. Biggest fish is a pike 18lb 9oz on the river Wye at Holme Lacey, I was winding a big fat Dace in and the pike took it; quite common in matches down there – full of fish and plenty of Pike – great stretch of river probably my favourite venue – been very kind to me over the years unfortunately I don’t get there enough nowadays.

PP. What was the best peg that you’ve ever fished? 
GJ. Best peg is anyone I win off haha!  Peg 40 in the Quarry (Shrewsbury) on the Severn when is fishing well and Peg 40 at Hawke Lake very picturesque in summer and winter bream city when it’s fishing.

PP. What is your favourite form of fishing? 
GJ. I love stickfloat fishing it’s an art I still haven’t mastered after all these years. But any that catches me fish.

PP. What’s your favourite species to catch?
GJ. That’ll be big Dace/Roach and a close second would be a Big Tench.

PP. In your opinion what is the best bait? 
GJ. Best bait although not my favourite from a pools point of view must be pellet but also maggot when it gets colder as it catches everything.

PP. Is there any piece of tackle that you’ll always take on a fishing outing?
GJ. I always carry the kitchen sink with me when I’m fishing – I have a few favourite floats that I take with me that my friend Mark Harris has made for me, they’re great floats as he take a lot of pride in making them and they are indestructible which is good as I a bit heavy handed.

PP. What is your always go to bait / method – to save blanking on a match?
GJ. My go to bait when its hard must be red maggot/flouro pinkie down the edge for those small perch that live there and you never know that big carp may attach itself to the end of your line with a bit of luck.

PP. What is your day job? 
GJ. My day job is Supply Chain Analyst – it pays for my fishing say no more.

PP.  Which tackle manufacturer do you prefer?
GJ. Favourite tackle supplier is a difficult one as there are so many good products on the market now – I have a lot of Preston stuff but I have Daiwa reels and in the main if I think a product by another company will help me then I will buy it.

PP. What fishing tackle is on your wish list? 
GJ. Wish list wise I could do with a couple of new keepnets as the ones I’ve got are a bit past it – but not after anything in particular at the moment.
PP. Anyone got any keepnets that Guy can use next season, he wore his out last season?

PP. Approximately how many floats do you have?
GJ. Too many – most of the ones I currently use are made by my mate Mark Harris  for Carp/F1 fishing and I have a diamond style float made by Nick Gilbert I use for fishing long pole with.

PP. What is the latest piece of tackle that you’ve been impressed by? 
GJ. The piece of tackle I am most impressed with at the moment is my Preston M90 pole – I broke the number 6 section of my Preston XS pole mid-season and could not get a replacement so I had to get new pole – The M90 is probably the stiffest pole I’ve fished with, defo up there with the Diawa Airity class of poles.

PP. What are your angling goals for 2018?
GJ. Would like to win our club championship again  – the competition/crack in the club is great and there are a number of anglers pushing for the title every time we go out.
I enter a few Fish O Mania / River Fest  matches every season and live in hope of qualifying every year, so it would be nice to qualify for the final of one of those. But in the main I hope to just keep catching a few fish and enjoying my fishing. One thing I have got to do is teach Carol how to feeder/bomb fish.

Well, thanks for sharing your answers Guy, I hope you achieve some of your angling goals for 2018.  Oh and Carol, you make sure that he keeps to his promise to teach you how to fish the feeder and bomb.  Tight lines and stretched elastic!


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