In the Spotlight, Mickey Meah.

Mickey Meah is our club chairman, so when I thought about doing an angler interview feature, where better to start than with the man himself.

PP: So, when did it all start, when did you start fishing?
MM: I started fishing when I was 12 years old.

PP: And can you recall the first fish that you caught?
MM: Yes, it was a small perch at earls wood lakes.

PP: What was your favourite ever match, and why?
MM: That was when I was 17. I made my first trip to Ireland (Virginia co Cavan) a rod, a basket and a tub of worms. 62 anglers entered the contest on the river black water. I was fortunate to win my first ever contest with 65 pound of bream.

PP: Which was your favourite match last season?
MM: My favourite match last season was on one of my favourite venues; Monk hall.

PP: What was the biggest fish that you’ve caught, and what method did you use?
MM: It was a common carp in Canada 29 pound 6 ounces. It was a long fish with a massive girth. Mickey MeahThe river was at the bottom of the garden where me and Pete Watson stayed during our holiday. Tackle was supplied, 40 pound braid, 60 pound main line, the river had many rocks, and ran fast and furious, our hips had bruises where we had to dig the rod butts in to land the fish. Nothing less than 25 pounders I used bomb and corn on the tackle that was supplied .

PP: What was the best peg that you’ve ever fished?
MM: Oh, best peg is difficult to say. There have been so many, i.e. Sweeney cliff, Shannon, Dawley gardens in the winter.

PP: What is your favourite form of fishing?
MM: That’s got to be a stick float, or waggler on a river.

PP: Favourite species to catch?
MM: Easy, roach and bream every time .

PP: In your opinion what is the best bait?
MM: On a river peg – casters and hemp, and meat on a commercial.

PP: Is there any piece of tackle that you’ll always take on a fishing outing?
MM: My margin pole.

PP: What is your always go to bait / method – to save blanking on a match?
MM: Red maggot to the rescue!

PP: What is your day job, Mickey?
MM: I’m a part time private hire driver.

PP: Which tackle manufacturer do you prefer?
MM: No particular one, but I do like Maver and Preston.

PP: What fishing tackle is on your wish list?
MM: A 14 metre pole that is light and straight, and easy to hold at full length.

PP: Approximately how many floats do you have?
MM: Dozens, some of them ancient, and all of them tell a story.

PP: What is the latest piece of tackle that you’ve been impressed by?
MM: That’s my Maver seat box.

PP: What are your angling goals for 2018?
MM: I want to gain a better knowledge of fishing commercial waters. And finish in the top three of our club contests.

Thanks Mickey it’s been good speaking to you.


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