Sun 31st Curborough Canal 08:00 Result

Sun 14th Broseley Lodge Lane 08:00 Result
Sun 28th Weston 08:00 Weather Result

Sat 11th Coppice Lane Bridge Pool 09:00 Weather
Sat 25th Aston Ayre TBC

Sun 9th Curborough 08:00 Weather
Sat 22nd Woodlands View Annual Day Out

Sat 6th Kings Pool New Match Pool 08:00
Sun 21st Poole Hall Kingfisher Pool 08:00

Sun 4th Weston Stretton Pool 08:00
Sun 18th Vineyard 08:00

Sun 1st Ticklerton 08:00
Sun 15th Weston Belvedere Pool 08:30
Sat 28th Vineyard TBC

Sun 13th Stirchley Top Pool 08:00
Sun 27th Melverley Farm Birches Pool 08:00  Don’t forget the clocks go back 1 hour on 27th Oct.
(Fur and Feather match – will everybody bring a prize, meet at the Unicorn pub after the match).


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