Match 10 – Boldings 14/08/2016

Oak Pool

18 Fished

Well he can draw a peg, can’t he! Kev was back on track drawing the corner peg of the oak pool, fishing long pole, Kev put together the winning weight of 34-00.  Paul was second fishing feeder under the willow tree to put 25-00 in the net at the end. He was closely followed by Barry who weighed in 23-14.

So Kev is now 28 points clear at the top of the  leader board stretching his lead above Rob in second.  On this form it looks as though Kev could successfully defend his title this year.

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1. Kev Lees Peg 11 34-00
2. Paul Jinks Peg 12 25-00
3. Barry Podmore Peg 18 23-14

The next match is the Annual Outing at Tunnel Barn Farm, the usual arrangements for 🚐 transport apply, and please ‼️remember to pack your bin liners to store your 💦wet nets following the match.  This will 👍🏻 help Trev when returning the van on Sunday.


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