Match 11 – Tunnel Barn 20/08/2016

Top Pool

18 Fished

Banter over a beer – Rob of the Hill vs Hadley Tez!

The annual outing was full of promise until the weather intervened and although it was not as bad as we expected, it did have a detrimental effect on the fishing.  Especially with the pool having two ‘bowls’ with one bowl having waves on it and the other a mill pond in comparison. The fish followed the tow of the water and this was evident at the weigh-in. The match was fished over 5 1/2 hours, and 42-00 was the winning weight, which was not even challenged by the second weight in the frame.

Rob o' the hill again!
Rob o’ the hill again!

Guy was first in the frame with 42-00 from the mill pond, Barry was second with 29-08 narrowly beating Terry by 4oz who put 29-04 onto the scales. In the sections, Carol netted more fish than anyone putting together an impressive weight of ide with 28-04.  Despite the poor fishing there was a fair amount of banter in the pub and on the return home. Subjects included the leader board and the 4oz margin between 2nd and 3rd, how crap Villa are and how past duels in local pubs were played out, not forgetting some of Martin’s jokes, but Terry’s was.

1 Guy Jones Peg 3 42-00
2 Barry Podmore Peg 5 29-08
3 Terry Eardley Peg 21 29-04

Section Winners

1 Carol Jones Peg 1 28-04
2 Kev Lees Peg 10 27-04
3 Rob McKee Peg 24 19-04
4 Simon Harris Peg 31 16-12

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