Match 12 – Solhampton 04/09/2016

Kingfisher Pool

15 Fished

Well he can draw a peg, can’t he, as long as it’s peg 8 on the Kingfisher.  Even though he couldn’t remember fishing here before, Terry returned to Solhampton Kingfisher pool to win from the same peg that he won from last year. From the outset Terry started fishing pellet feeder to the island taking small carp, before catching on the pole in the margins, but it was one of those days for him where he couldn’t go wrong whatever he fished.

On his way to winning from Peg 8 again!
On his way to winning from Peg 8 again!

And this is how you do it.

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1. Terry Eardley Peg 8 73-08
2. Martin McHugh Peg 33 46-08
3. Rob McKee

Jack Cheadle

Peg 23

Peg 15




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