Match 9 – Solhampton 29/07/2018

8 fished

Kingfisher Pool

Holiday season is upon us and family celebrations meant that the numbers were really low for such a renowned venue.  Still the eight that did fish it weighed in a total over 399lb. Well done everyone.
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Match 9 – Solhampton 05/08/2017

13 fished

Kingfisher Pool

1 Guy Jones Peg 21 99-04
2 Simon Harris Peg 30 68-10
3 Rob McKee Peg 8 56-04

Match 12 – Solhampton 04/09/2016

Kingfisher Pool

15 Fished

Well he can draw a peg, can’t he, as long as it’s peg 8 on the Kingfisher.  Even though he couldn’t remember fishing here before, Terry returned to Solhampton Kingfisher pool to win from the same peg that he won from last year. From the outset Terry started fishing pellet feeder to the island taking small carp, before catching on the pole in the margins, but it was one of those days for him where he couldn’t go wrong whatever he fished.
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Match 9 – Poole Hall 21/07/2013

Kingfisher Pool


  1. Allan Lees


25lb 12oz

  1. Pete Watson


18lb 4oz

  1. Micky Meah


18lb 4oz

  1. Ted Tranter


16lb 0oz


Allan Lees won one of the Golden Peg prizes.