Match 16 – Aston Eyre 27/10/2018

14 fished

Quarry Pool

Our last match of 2018 season was at Aston Eyre which usually provides a ton of fish for the winner and or the biggest fish of the season. What a difference a couple of days, and quite a few degrees Celsius makes, whoa it was feckin freezing, and as five hours passed almost all of us were packing up to try and keep warm. Two had already had enough and left early, leaving more points available for the final leader board, and Bobby (Nudd) Tranter was ecstatic with his fish!

The overnight temperature before the match had a definite effect on the fishing with the carp going off the feed and shoaling up.  The fishing was very hard and most of the fish  caught were on the tip rather than the pole. Mel weighed in 32lb 8oz including a pristine common carp of 14lb.  Guy framed in second close behind with 29lb 2oz and Billy Tranter took third with 24lb 8oz.

Take a look at the Leader board to see how this match affected the top positions.

Final Result

1 Mel Boulds 27 32lb 8oz
2 Guy Jones 18 29lb 2oz
3 Billy Tranter 6 24lb 8oz

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