Match 6 – Aston Eyre 16/06/2018

16 fished

Quarry Pool

Once again the Quarry Pool at Aston Eyre produced some great weights.  Although the weather did not help anyone fishing the pole, as the wind got up and as the venue is an open water it did whip up some waves.  Fishing pellet waggler was not really an option today either, which then left feeder methods available to entice the carp to feed.

We weighed in  a total over 779lb.
Guy’s run of form continues, he completes a hat trick  of 2nd places, pegged back this time by Simon. He has extended his lead at the top of the Leader board with a 22 point gap.

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1 Simon Garbett 6 121lb 0oz
2 Guy Jones 30 109lb 4oz
3 Mel Boulds 13 73lb 0oz

2 thoughts on “Match 6 – Aston Eyre 16/06/2018

  1. We have got a match on here this coming Friday, we visit every year with our club but don’t seem to do a great deal, have you got any tips cheers

    1. Ok I’ll offer this advice, firstly there is a very good head of carp to 18lb with the average size between 5 and 7lb. Successful methods depend really on where on the pool you draw. Tony will put you on the better pegs for your match. Generally through pegs 1-6 you can catch well on pole at 5-10m even the margins can produce here from the start so it’s worth a go. Pegs 7-11 are not favourable in matches I’ve fished here. Pegs 12-17 you can catch good size carp on pole or pellet waggler shallow if the weather is favourable. There is a collapsed brickwork near to the drain by peg 12 which carp do swim for so it’s hit and hold here. Then pegs 28-32 are good draws for pole on the bottom of the shelf. From any peg but only cast to where you can consistently feed try a straight lead with a 60cm hook length, pinging 8mm pellets over the top.
      Hope this helps and let me know how your match goes and if there is something you try that catches and I’ve not mentioned, as we are on here later this year.
      Baits include fishery own pellets from Tony, sweet corn and meat on the hook I find banded pellets work well.
      Tight lines

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