Match 7 – Cob House 30/06/2018

17 fished

Wyatt’s Pool

The annual outing was held at Cob House this year, following a healthy breakfast in the Mayfly Cafe, pegs were drawn for the match on Wyatt’s Pool.


The conditions were fantastic for a days fishing, and surprisingly not many basking carp were seen.  Almost everyone favoured  fishing the pole onto the second shelf as a starting point.  Some were fishing long pole shallow, and some started fishing the method.  Meanwhile on peg 15, Jason started plundering the shoal of carp that were willing to feed in his peg. When weighing in, he commented that the first keep net that we put on the scales was in the first hour, that was 50lb 8oz.  Needless to say, he continued with his method and added over 100lb to that first net.  Well done Jason, you’re banned 😃.  In the club result Terry on peg 5 was starting to connect with the carp being spurred on by his old man who started showing him the way, pulling carp out of the pool with ease despite his bad back.  They were like a wrestling tag team with fore-arm smashes being traded with any carp that wouldn’t submit to the net.


More to follow …. pmsl😂

1439346264_YouTube            Video 1         Video 2

We weighed in  a total over 829lb.

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Guy has extended his lead at the top of the Leader board with a 25 point gap.

Don’t forget to add your rating 2018-05-09_2007 (hover over the stars at the top of this page and light them up) You can also add a 2018-05-09_2008 using the buttons below.

1 Terry Eardley 5 76lb 12oz
2 Guy Jones 9 63lb 0oz
3 Brian Pickstone 10 57lb 0oz

Section Winners

Terry  Eardley [Senior] 52lbs 0ozs peg 6
Brian  57lbs 0ozs peg 10
Carol  50lbs 8ozs peg 18
Simon Garbett 52lbs 4ozs peg 25

Guest Weights

Terry Peg 6 52lb 0oz Section Win
Ryan Peg 21 42lb 12oz
Jason Peg 15 158lb 8oz Match Winner
Stu Peg 30 48lb 4oz

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