Match 8 – Park Farm 15/07/2018

17 fished

Lodge Pool

Yet another glorious day for fishing, another chance for more record breaking weights at Park Farm, Broseley. This is an excellent pool run by Dawley Angling Society.

The carp in this pool, all put up a great fight even on heavier tackle, we had rods ripped off rod rests, pole sections smashed, and poles ripped out of the hands of anglers as the fish saw an easy meal and seemed to be on an all out hit and run for the trees or reeds to shed the tackle that they collected.

We weighed in  a total over 882lb.

Trev had to join them in the pool to rescue his margin pole on peg 1 which should come with a warning.  Terry was catching well throughout the match, until his rod was ripped off the rest and into the pool.  Fortunately, Jack offered his feeder  rod to attempt a recovery mission, and Terry managed to catch his rod and retrieve it, and to his amazement the fish was still on and he landed it! On peg 9, Simon was losing floats and rigs left right and centre but still weighed in 73–04. Not to be outdone, Simon Harris was catching in the margins to claim third with 78-08.

Meanwhile, Barry put what he learned from his mid-week practice session to good use on peg 8 and netted 136-0 to win his first match since his return from the Far East.

Guy still leads the Leader board with a 21 point gap over Simon with Trev in third place.

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Final Result

1 Barry Podmore Peg 8 136lb 0oz
2 Terry Eardley Peg 2 79lb 0oz
3 Simon Harris Peg 16 78lb 8oz

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