Match 8 – Monkhall 16/07/2016

Hawk & Swallow Pools

16 Fished

Kev continued in his quest for points and won off peg one on the Hawk pool with 78lb 4oz to retain his position at the top of the leader board.  Over on the Swallow pool the results were even closer with just 7lb 4oz separating the first three places.  Overall the weights were comparable over both of the pools.  Prize money payouts for this match are for 1st and 2nd place on each pool.

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Hawk Pool

1. Kev Lees Peg 1 78-04
2. Dan Podmore Peg 14 69-12
3. Barry Podmore Peg 8 60-08


Swallow Pool

1. Terry Eardley Peg 16 69-04
2. Rob McKee Peg 10 63-10
3. Jack Cheadle Peg 6 62-00

Payout 1st and 2nd places on each pool.


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