Match 16 – Aston Eyre 01/11/2015

Quarry Pool

19 Fished

Well we have come to the end of another successful season. Thanks to all members for their attendance in all weathers at matches, again a great statistic for a fishing club of our size. Don’t forget to let Trev know your nominees for the awards prior to the presentation night, which is 5th December  2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Unicorn, Little Dawley. Sorry there are no photo’s this week, I blame the fog.

This match started out in dense fog, visibility was so bad that sometimes all you could hear were voices otherwise you’d have thought everyone else had gone home and you were fishing on your own.  Simon used this to his advantage and weighed in 72-08 for first place.  Kev made a dramatic comeback to weigh 70-14 for second, followed by Terry with 58-02.

The bragging rights for the top of the leader board went down to this last match, and it wasn’t without controversy! With Kev landing a fish a few feet from his peg, he ‘quietly’ released the fish back into the pool to avoid disqualification and he got his head down and battled his way to second place in the match and finally overtake Martin to finish on top of the leader board by just 4 points, and Brian finished in third place. Congratulations to everyone for making this such a good contest!


1. Simon Garbett

Peg: 6

2. Kevin Lees

Peg: 29

3. Terry Eardley

Peg: 4


All members who have not voted for Most Improved Angler and Sports Person of the Year please call Trev with your nominees.


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