Match 15 – Weston Pools 18/10/2015

Belvedere Pool

14 Fished

Who pegged this! LOL

Nothing doing here!









Lily pad peg please!

Martin's catching, Kev's doing alright, Rob's got another one.
Martin’s catching, Kev’s doing alright, Rob’s got another one.



Where are the fish? NOT at our end, well that seemed to be true as all the framing weights came from the top end of Belvedere. With Paul ‘leading’ the way on his favoured feeder method, he surprised anglers at the other end of the pool by putting 30-0 on the scales to take first place. This beat Martin into 2nd place, desperate to finish ahead of Kev Lees to maintain his position top of the leader board – he ensured that by finishing with 25-08 to improve his lead on the leader board to 5 points. In third place was Rob who also had the Golden peg draw, and finished up with 22-06. This was a hard venue, probably not helped that the venue hosted a masters contest on the pools on the Friday and Saturday. Who booked this? Lessons learned!


The result means that Martin now has extended his lead to 5 points ahead of Kev at the top of the leader board.
1. Paul Jinks

Peg: 13

2. Martin McHugh

Peg: 1

3. Rob McKee

Peg: 14


Next match Sun 1st Nov, 2015 at Aston Eyre draw at 8 a.m.

Everybody who has trophies please return them for the next match.


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