Match 2 – Woodside 26/04/2015

Island Pool

20 Fished

Woodside was a mixed bag, both in terms of weather and the fish being caught, it was warm and sunny for the majority, however some pegs were left in the shade out of the sun and fishing for anything that swims.

Guy Jones, another one in the net.
Guy Jones, another one in the net.

Guy Jones made his first appearance of the season and took first place in the frame offering 22-0-0 at the scales, fishing pole throughout the match on peg 9.  Not even the distraction of Ted’s casting with both pellet waggler and feeder could put him off.  Neither could he stop Trev from recording equal third in the frame with Terry with 16-12-0.

In second place was Brian who was as surprised as anyone that the ‘fish found him’ on peg one, half way through the match.  Brian persevered with method feeder and the carp responded, even though most seemed to prefer cruising past him as the conditions improved.

Another notable catch of the day was the 3-0-0 Perch caught by Kev Lees.  Woodside is renowned for it’s specimen Perch.

1.  Guy Jones

Peg: 9

2.  Brian Pickstone

Peg: 1

3.  Trev Briggs

Peg: 11

3.  Terry Eardley

Peg: 14


One thought on “Match 2 – Woodside 26/04/2015

  1. Another good write up. Its going to be a laugh reading all these back at the end of the season. well done Mel, keep it going……………………………

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