Match 1 – Coppice Lane 12/04/2015

Becketts Pool

19 Fished

Becketts Pool

Another good attendance for the opening match of our club season at Becketts Pool on Sunday, it was a difficult match mainly due to the wind, which brought temperatures down, and made fishing the pole impossible for some. Many anglers were sitting it out on either 1 or 2 feeder / bomb rods for the 5 hour duration.

Barry caught the heaviest fish of the season so far which went to 11-8 on the scales. This also helped him to 2nd place on the day. Dan got off to a flying start from peg 22 landing good sized carp within the first hour finishing the match in 3rd place, however at the top end of the pool, Martin was regularly landing enough fish to win the match with 51-0, and start the season top of the leader board.

1.  Martin McHugh

Peg: 9

2.  Barry Podmore

Peg: 28

47-12-0 *
3.  Dan Podmore

Peg: 22


* 1 Carp 11-8-0


2 thoughts on “Match 1 – Coppice Lane 12/04/2015

    1. Thanks Baz, shame we didn’t get a photo of the big carp. You’ll have to catch a bigger one for a photo.

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