Match 11 – Froggatts 09/08/2020

Marlpit Pool

13 fished

There were mixed results from Marlpit, which was expected to fish better than it did. So Guy continued his excellent season taking his 5th win out of 6 matches fished. So nothing new there.

Si Garbett enjoyed this match trying to land the carp that he hooked, often getting smashed by carp that did not intend going into his net. The surprise was Carol, who was overjoyed to take 3rd place in the frame from peg 11, although she was kept in suspense as the weigh-in continued around the pool 🤷‍♀️

We weighed in a total of 320lb at this match. Who’s looking forward to the next match 🙏.

This one nearly got away!
1Guy Jones2875-12
2Simon Garbett1542-8
3Carol Jones1130-2

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