Match 15 – Froggatts 10/10/2021

Marlpit Pool

8 fished

Well done Jack who put 34-2 on the scales to take first place in the frame. Terry continued his excellent form to take second place with 30-0 and extend his points advantage on the leader board. Martin finished in third place with 25-8.

Just a reminder, that it’s time to get the polish out, Trev wants the trophies gleaming and returned to him on Sunday if possible.

We weighed in 180lbs or 81kg.

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Match 11 – Froggatts 09/08/2020

Marlpit Pool

13 fished

There were mixed results from Marlpit, which was expected to fish better than it did. So Guy continued his excellent season taking his 5th win out of 6 matches fished. So nothing new there.

Si Garbett enjoyed this match trying to land the carp that he hooked, often getting smashed by carp that did not intend going into his net. The surprise was Carol, who was overjoyed to take 3rd place in the frame from peg 11, although she was kept in suspense as the weigh-in continued around the pool 🤷‍♀️

We weighed in a total of 320lb at this match. Who’s looking forward to the next match 🙏.

This one nearly got away!
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Match 5 – Haye Farm 03/06/2018

12 fished

Dexters Pool

Not much of a write up this week, as I was on a stag doo in Budapest, Hungary.  So I can only provide the match results.

We weighed in  a total over 269lb.
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Match 4 – Froggatts 20/05/2018

15 fished

Marlpit Pool

Dan used his knowledge of the venue despite the carp still in spawning mood to take first place in the frame. Keeping Guy on the next peg in second place as his run of form continued. Meanwhile on the other side of the pool, Martin and Rob were having their own battle trying their best to cast within centimetres of the island so that they would catch.  Rob was catching the better stamp of carp and therefore took third place in the frame.

We weighed in  a total over 208lb.
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Match 1 – Froggatts 08/04/2018

13 fished

Marlpit Pool

IMG_5499Welcome back, our first match of the season, and although the weather was reasonable for the time of year it was very wet and muddy underfoot and the pool was holding a lot of extra water.  Once the match got underway, quite a few fish were hooked and lost in the first half hour.

There was however, no shortage of fish in the middle part of the pool, and soon it didn’t take long for some (not Jack) tic, to start building a good weight of fish to challenge for a place in the winning frame.
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Match 5 – Froggatts 04/06/2017

Marlpit Pool

19 fished


Barry came back from the East, and as Confucius say ‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’  He won the match from permanent peg 8 with 58lbs 02oz.  In second place was Terry with 53lbs 08oz but it’s Dan Podmore who went back to the top place of the leader board.    Read more of this post