Match 10 – Broseley 26/07/2020

Lodge Pool

12 fished

Disappointment all around the pool at an out of sorts Lodge Lane for our latest match. For all those who did not attend, you missed nothing, nuff said.

The result was easier to predict if only Guy could wrestle the carp out of the reed bed on peg 1, or did he actually even need to catch them, as the catch rates were so low elsewhere around the pool. Si Garbett had enough and put his catch back in – packing up early to register a DNW. Simon Harris on the other hand hooked 21 carp and landed only 8 of them, believing them to be foul-hooked. Where did Mickey get his fish from? Did Ted 😎drop them off Mickey? Was that what you were laughing about? 🤣

We weighed in a total of 133lb at this match. We’re back on here in a months time, it has got to be better than this.

1Guy Jones130-4
2Mickey Meah1814-8
3Simon Harris1713-4

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