Match 11 – Broseley 22/08/2021

Lodge Lane

12 fished

Sunny spells, mostly cloudy.

This was our doubles match of the season, so in addition to the individual result, there is a trophy for the winning doubles partners. Carol was ecstatic when she was partnered with Terry, hoping for a first trophy, instead of having to polish all the ones Guy takes home each season 😂. But there seems to be no stopping Martin at the moment cruising to a hat-trick of wins at Lodge Lane. But how well had his doubles partner Dave done, could they make it a clean sweep.

The doubles match pairings were:

  • Jack and Mark
  • Carol and Terry
  • Guy and Simon
  • Martin and Dave
  • Barry and Mel
  • Trev and Paul

Part of Guy’s catch included an impressive 20-14 of silvers but was it enough to win the match or the doubles?

We weighed in 399lbs or 181kg.

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Match 2 – Broseley 18/04/2021

Lodge Pool

12 fished

Cold start, turning into a sunny day with a high temperature of 16C and a low of 14C with a moderate Southerly breeze of 5mph.

Disappointing weights from Lodge Lane

Once again, the weights from Lodge Lane were disappointing everyone really struggled as the dark shapes that cruised in the middle of the pool were intent on not feeding.

So it was over to Guy to show us the way and he did putting 80lb in his nets including a carp weighing 11-8 the heaviest fish so far this season. The carp did move into the margins but only in the last half an hour. Guy now tops the leader board after two matches.

We weighed in 192lbs or 87kg.

Annual outing

We have decided that there will be no transportation provided for the Annual Outing this year, as it’s too close to the COVID lock-down restrictions being lifted, subject to the UK Government road map.


Nominations for a new vice chair-person have been received. Good to see Simon Harris stepping up for the vacant vice chairman role we wish him all the best in his new position.

Match Suggestions

Please don’t forget to suggest some venues and pools for matches next season, as we need to start booking them as soon as possible.

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Match 12 – Broseley 23/08/2020

Lodge Pool

9 fished

Improved results from Lodge Lane pool this week, allowed Guy to continue his winning formand recording his 6th win out of 7 matches fished.

The framing weights came from the far end of the pool, pegs 7, 9 and 15 with just over separating Guy, Mickey and Trev respectively. Well done Mickey and Trev for giving Guy a run for his win. Probably the closet match he’s had in awhile.

We weighed in a total of 289lb at this match.

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Match 10 – Broseley 26/07/2020

Lodge Pool

12 fished

Disappointment all around the pool at an out of sorts Lodge Lane for our latest match. For all those who did not attend, you missed nothing, nuff said.

The result was easier to predict if only Guy could wrestle the carp out of the reed bed on peg 1, or did he actually even need to catch them, as the catch rates were so low elsewhere around the pool. Si Garbett had enough and put his catch back in – packing up early to register a DNW. Simon Harris on the other hand hooked 21 carp and landed only 8 of them, believing them to be foul-hooked. Where did Mickey get his fish from? Did Ted 😎drop them off Mickey? Was that what you were laughing about? 🤣

We weighed in a total of 133lb at this match. We’re back on here in a months time, it has got to be better than this.

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Match 6 – Broseley 06/06/2020

Lodge Pool

14 fished

So our start to the season finally commenced at Broseley, the same venue that we finished off last season with our fund raiser. It was a cloudy, blustery day with the odd rain shower, but generally the weather stayed fine. It was good to see the other club members on the bank, and to see plenty of fish being caught.

Guy weighed in 82-4 to take 1st place in the frame from peg 9 which included 10-0 of silver fish – as if he needed them! He finished ahead of Simon who put 55-4 into his nets to take second place on peg 8. Paul weighed in with 37-0 to claim third place from peg 6. There was also Mickey, Simon and Mel who all finished on 27-8.
We weighed in a total of 404lb at this match.

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Lodge Lane Fundraiser 27/10/2019

Lodge Lane Pool

10 fished

Dan weighed in 45-8 to take 1st place in the frame, it was a difficult match due to the amount of rainfall in the 48 hours prior to the match. He finished ahead of Simon who put 26-0 into his net for second place. Third place went to Guy, who weighed in with 19-4. Many thanks to everyone who attended despite the atrocious weather.

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Match 15 – Broseley 29/09/2019

Lodge Lane Pool

13 fished

Guy weighed in 68-8 to take 1st place in the frame. He finished ahead of Rob and Simon who both put 47-8 and 47-0 onto the scales respectively, to claim second and third place.
Guy’s lead has increased at the top of the leader board by this result. Simon is now in second place – 17 points behind. We weighed in a total of 462lb at this match.

Anyone not attending the last match of the season must let Trev know as soon as possible please.

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