Match 4 – Coppice Lane 22/05/2016

Bridge Pool

12 Fished


Rob McKee came close to a hat-trick of wins (20-08), but Kev beat him into second place with (21-00) at Coppice Lane on Sunday.  Victory didn’t come easy for Kev though as I understand he broke his No 7 section of his pole on one fish, which meant that he had to revert to fishing the feeder.   This means that Kev closes the gap at the top of the leader board to two points.  Simon was third in the frame with 16-04. This was our lowest attended match this season with only 12 anglers fishing, meaning more points were available for the lower placed anglers like me and Trev.

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1. Kev Lees Peg 2 21-00
2. Rob McKee Peg 5 20-08
3. Simon Harris Peg 9 16-04



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