Match 3 – Cob House 08/05/2016

Laugherne Island

19 Fished

That’s not Rob, he’s busy catching fish behind the tree.

Rob McKee won his second match in a row at Cob House on Sunday.  Rob took advantage of the island feature with method feeder to weigh-in 116-02. This win catapults him to the top of the leader board (no pun intended).  An impressive display in the peg next to Rob as well from Mickey Meah with 65-00, that practising came in useful, closely followed by Kev Lees with 63-10 at the opposite end of the pool.  There were lots of big fish caught and lost on the day, what’s the biggest fish so far this season Trev? 

There were two contenders for the heaviest fish with Terry and Mickey, both catching a carp of 15-04. So as it stands the heaviest fish is shared between Terry, Mickey and Kev who caught his carp at Baden Hall also weighing 15-04, are they taking this fish to each match?

1. Rob McKee Peg 36 116-02
2. Mickey Meah Peg 37 65-00
3. Kev Lees Peg 16 63-10

Cob House Laugherne Island Open results 7th May 2016


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