Match 1 – Monkhall 01/04/2023

Swallow Pool

14 Fished

A very busy match for most taking part with the weights spread around the pool. Carp made up the majority of the weights, but there were plenty of other species including crucians, tench, roach and ide being caught on various baits.

At the weigh in Terry took the honours for his opening win of the season with 136lb 8oz mainly caught down the edge. Mark was second on his first outing with 121lb mainly caught on long pole on the deck. While Guy completed the frame with 3rd place from peg 13. That sees Terry at the top of the leader board for now.

We weighed in a total of 883lbs or 400kg πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.

Individual Result

1Terry Eardley16136-8
2Mark Harris7121-0
3Guy Jones13100-8


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