Match 8 – Izaak Walton 26/06/2022


12 Fished

Effing Peacock !

Seriously, any one fishing here should heed this warning especially if you’ve got a dark coloured vehicle. Don’t park anywhere near the Canal pool in the vicinity of the bird coops. The peacock is extremely aggresive and will attack its own reflection causing damage to the paintwork on your motor. This happened to me at Izaak Walton – it was thanks to Trev that he shouted me down the bank that the peacock was karate kicking and head butting my motor. Despite my initial intervention, the ‘Disco Chicken’ wouldn’t let up, and I had to re-park my car in the middle of the car park. I did get a sorry from the owner, and I spent and a couple of hours polishing out the scratches on my return home, so be warned the Disco Chicken is a feisty bird. πŸ•ΊπŸ”πŸ¦šπŸ˜’

So after a good breakfast and a few sausage sandwiches – Martin! Martin! The pegs were drawn and the fishing commenced, 20 minutes in and the disco chicken did its thing, and finally a few fish were caught, but it was hard graft. Mark Harris added another win to take him top of the leader board again. Mainly fishing long pole across Mark put 36-0 on the scales from peg 28 on the wood, peg 29 on the slab πŸ˜‚. Dan Podmore recorded his first frame place this season with second from peg 20 in the bottom corner of the pool again fishing across to the island. Martin secured third place with 22-0 from peg 2, although on his walk around an hour or so before the finish he only had 3 small carp!

Mark Harris with his 36-0 winning net

We weighed in a total of 185lbs or 84kg πŸ˜’.

Individual Result

1Mark Harris2836-0
2Dan Podmore2027-0
3Martin McHugh222-0

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