Match 15 – Woodside 04/10/2020

Island Pool

8 fished

Report by Trev.

Very hard fishing as a lot of rain fell during the night which affected the fishing, as you can see in the results although I (Trev) did manage a 3lb perch which was a highlight of the day πŸ˜‚. Even guy found it hard going for a change.

All trophies to be cleaned and returned at next match please. πŸ†

We are on the look out for new members if anybody can help for next year as Bobby, Billy, and Ted have sadly parted company with the club.

I would like to wish them all the best as they have been great servants to the club and will be sadly missed. 😒

Individual Result

1Terry Eardley736-0
2Martin McHugh122-2
3Dan Podmore916-8

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