Match 1 – Coppice Lane 10/04/2016

Bridge Pool

17 Fished

As the fishing wasn’t much to talk about, an interesting topic of conversation was what everyone had bought for the start of the new season. A lot of new seat boxes were on display, Preston and Maver were well represented. As it was the first match it was quite funny to watch everyone putting their gear together on trollies back to front or not fitting properly. Probably the last to turn up were Brian and Jack.  Jack paraded his new seat box and then Brian towed out his new trolley. 

 DaDahhh – Just about big enough to carry all his gear. So once again Brian rewrites the rule book, he just needs to pass his HGV for the next match!

1. Martin McHugh Peg 19 13-12
2. Allan Lees Peg 14 13-0
3. Kev Lees Peg 18 10-12

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