Match 10 – Pipehill 09/08/2015

Alders Pool

19 Fished

Jack on the pole
Jack Cheadle finished 5th with 19-0-0
 Summer was finally back for this match. There was another fantastic turnout as this venue was anticipated to provide good weights all round. There is a good head of fish in Alders.Alders holds a good head of common and mirror carp, some which reach 22lbs with a decent number of fish in the 11lbs to 15lbs range and a lot of fish around the 5lbs to 6lbs mark. In general, Alders holds the biggest fish of the Pipehill waters.  There are also good numbers of crucian carp to 2lbs with plenty of fish around the 1lb mark but, despite the large stock of crucians, catching these fish can sometimes be erratic but they provide great sport when they are on the feed.  However, after the first hour, following some instant success, the talk around the pool was that most were either struggling for bites or losing fish for one reason or another.
1.  Martin McHugh

Peg: 10

2. Simon Garbett

Peg: 3

3.  Rob McKee

Peg: 12


Next match Sun 22nd Aug, 2015 at Solhampton draw at 9 a.m.

Just a reminder, Fri 21st Aug 6p.m. Meet at the Unicorn car park to load up for the annual day out.



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