Match 6 – Kings Nordley 14/06/2015


13 Fished

Not the winning net but the best one from an end peg eh Jack.
Not the winning net but the best one from an end peg eh Jack.
Oh fishing and the banter…
It seems as though everyone wanted an end peg at this match.  But it wasn’t an end peg that won it in fact it was the ‘flyer peg’ drawn by Kev Lees that won the match with 40-0.  Followed by the two end peg anglers Jack and Trev on each side of the pool.  At the end (no pun intended) it was generally agreed that only two fishable pegs were omitted from the match.  With many struggling on the pole the majority of fish were taken on feeder methods.  However, Kev continued fishing the pole and won the match with a 6-2-0 margin.  There were squeals of delight when Red managed to land a giant crayfish, I didn’t land one but the b*st*rds sat on the bottom knitting with my rig, which was a total write off once I struck, I did see the pincers rise above the water and then it dropped all the stitches and left me with a mono-filament birds nest.  Meanwhile Rob on the other bank gave his the size 10 treatment, see you Jimmy, splash!
The result means Baz stays top of the leader board but the chasing pack are closing the gap. Don’t forget to give this page a rating by clicking on the title and selecting the 5 star rating and you can leave comments too.
1.  Kev they’ve got end pegs Lees

Peg: 12

2. Jack I’ve got an end peg Cheadle

Peg: 8

3.  Trev I had an end peg too Briggs

Peg: 7


Next match Sat 27th Jun, 2015 at Woodlands View draw at 12 p.m.


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