Match 6 – Vineyard 2/06/2019

Heron Pool

14 fished

Heron Pool looked perfect, it was great to see how much the pool had matured over the past couple of months, as the foliage surrounding the pool had burst into life. Unfortunately, the carp had also started spawning, the margins of the pool were alive with carp thrashing about in the reeds. We came to the conclusion that this could be a silver fish match – with the carp more likely to be uninterested in our bait offerings.

Our fishing challenge was further amplified when the bailiff visited each of us at our pegs and kindly asked that if we caught a barbel we return it to the water immediately – we decided not to weigh them in. Spawning carp and No barbel. Trev said he got the carp going up in the water for the last 2 hours of the match to win it with 54-0 and move up to second on the leader board. Barry was a close second weighing in with 40-8 and Dan framed in third with 27-8.

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Match 8 – Vineyard Fishery 12/07/2014

Top Pool

18 Fished


Bagging up 101Lb
Only 2 nets x 50Lb
The look on your face when she says more than 50Lb and its void, PRICELESS

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Billy Tranter


  1. Simon Harris



Don’t forget next match 26th July, Aston Eyre 11:00 draw time.