Match 12 – Woodlands View 02/09/2018

16 fished

High Pool

Welcome to fantasy fishing, the ‘Dream Team’ appeared together for our annual doubles match at Woodlands View.  Pairs were drawn at random, and paired Guy Jones and Rob McKee together to create the ‘Dream Team’, fishing opposite each other, on each side of  High Pool.  Starting the match as firm favourites to win the doubles trophy so who was going to challenge them?

Simon Harris would have a go, if only his doubles partner could catch as well, or Terry Eardley on fancied peg 4 would also be in with a chance not only for the doubles trophy, but also the individual match too.

We weighed in a total of 461lb. Well done everyone.
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Match 1 – Woodlands View 09/04/2017

High Pool

19 Fished

The problem faced by all of us who fished this match was that there was a Fish o’ mania qualifier held on the complex, on the Saturday.  That said the top end of the pool was where the top five weights came from.  The weather could not have been better for our opening match of the season, the hottest day of the year so far. There were even anglers fishing with their tops off sun bathing.  So is that why they didn’t catch so many fish?

1. Simon Harris

Peg: 23

2. Jack Cheadle

Peg: 18

3. Dan Podmore

Peg: 16


Match 12 – Woodlands View 06/09/2015

Big Al’s and Little Al’s

15 fished

Is this the Golden peg winning fish.

Is this the Golden peg winning fish.

This match was split across two pools Big Al’s and Little Al’s at Woodlands View. I didn’t fancy my peg as on the map of the pools peg 11 looked like it was an end peg and I had drawn peg 12 on Little Al’s. However when we arrived at the peg we found that the map was wrong and I did have the end peg which is also a corner peg. [Ahem] double bonus!

On Big Al’s, Martin took first place with 46-12, the reports from Trev was that he was catching really well on the feeder. Jack was caught out, when a carp ripped his rod off the rest and before he could react his rod and reel were in the pool, the initial run from the carp triggered Red to strike and haul in not only a carp but also Jacks rod and reel! Well done Red, I hope Jack brought you that pint he offered as a reward.  Jack’s day could only get better and it did, as he finished in second place with 31-8.

On Little Al’s, on peg 12, to my left, I noticed fish topping, not only were they topping they were feeding in the scum which had blown into the corner of the pool, which I had to myself.  I didn’t need to wait too long for a decent take, the fish took off along the bank heading for a reed bed before the elastic arced his run to the middle of the pool. Gradually, the carp came back to me as I broke my pole down to the fourth section, keeping the pressure on, the hooked common surged on another run, now I knew I was in a fight, “More pole! More pole!” my solid 12 elastic was being stretched to its limit and the fish was back in the middle of the pool. The fish made another two runs like this, putting in a good account of itself, but eventually after a good ten minute fight, once the fish tired and I managed to ‘fold’ it into my landing net, I knew it was time to change the rig onto my pulla-kit, to have any chance of winning the match. Trev was on-hand to see this epic fight and supply the photos, and I could see he was itching to get back fishing soon. Not too long now Trev.

Terry was a close second, and I knew Paul was doing okay because Ted was next door on peg 13 cursing every fish Paul caught, while Paul was saying it wasn’t him it was Tez who was catching well, and needed a bigger net to land one whale!  Finally a quick mention that Ted whooped his brother Billy, once again – what’s the score so far this year Ted? Billy?

Firstly some words of thanks, to everyone who shook my hand and congratulated me on my first win of the season, even first time in the frame for a long, long time, (hence this longer than normal write up).  Also to Simon and Barry who couldn’t attend this match, but played their part two weeks before at Solhampton, which kept the Golden peg running for me to win it. Dan, thanks for drawing the golden pegs and telling me in the car park before we started that I had a golden peg, which is usually the kiss of death and also to Billy for topping up the Club Golden Peg prize to £100, which has been running since the last A.G.M.  Thank you, the sportsmanship is what makes the club great!

Little Al’s

1 Mel Boulds Peg: 12 44-2-0
2 Terry Eardley Peg: 16 41-3-0

Big Al’s

1 Martin McHugh Peg: 10 46-12-0
2 Jack Cheadle Peg: 9 31-8-0

Match 7 – Woodlands View 27/06/2015

Ghost Pool

15 Fished

Individual Result

  1. Simon Harris

Peg 16

  1. Guy Jones

Peg 1

  1.  Kev Lees
 Peg 4  35-4-0

Doubles Result

  1. Simon Harris & Brian Pickstone
  1. Mickey Meah x 2
  1. Paul Jinks & Trevor Briggs

Mickey Meah doubled his weight for the doubles result.

Dave Goodhall had two good size carp one just over 10-0-0 and the other was 11-2-0.

Kev Lees had a good size carp of 11-6-0.

Match 6 – Woodlands View 14/06/2014

Ghost Pool

21 Fished.

K. Lees 93-8-0

Kev Lees wins at Woodlands View with 93-8-0

  1. Kevin Lees


  1. Billy Tranter


  1. Martin McHugh




Match 7 – Woodlands View High Pool 22/06/2013

Woodlands View Winners

1 Dan Podmore 62lb 4oz
2 Pete Watson 55lb 8oz
3 Guy Jones 48lb 12oz


Section winners

Section 1 Billy Tranter 14lb 4oz
Section 2 Barry Podmore 34lb 0oz
Section 3 Trevor Briggs 35lb 4oz
Section 4 Jack Cheadle 46lb 8oz